How to place your ad

Simply register first. It's free!

Go to “REGISTER or PLACE YOUR AD”  button on the and choose Place Ad Choose a Category.
Write a Short Description about your item i.e Red dress, Size 12.
Write a full description of your Item or Items in the description box i.e condition of the item, brand, material or what this item could be used for. The better and more accurate the description – the faster the rent or sell. Please upload good quality photographs, up to 5 per item, format square, 1000×100 pixels appx.
Optimise pics before uplloading, in order for them to be of smaller size (max 1mb per pic).

Enter your Selling price or price you want to hire it for.
Include in the price al the costs (shipping, cleaning).

For your payment, once the your listing is being sold or rented, enter your
preffered payment method: Paypal email, revolut account, or banking info.

We will go thorugh your listing and if everything ok approve it and sell/rent it for you.

If you have any queries, contact us at:

Leave it to the experts!

Let us sell your item for you.

If you’re short on time or don’t want the hassle of people calling you and have items of high value we are happy to sell them on your behalf.

Simply follow the process and we’ll send you your money!

1. Contact via email
2. Agree item value and selling details
3,Send us a parcel with your clothing and items
4. We will confirm receipt of same via email
5. We will photograph and post your item on Buy Or Borrow
6. We will then sell it to our customers and send the item to them.
7. We take a commission of 50% selling cost plus selling costs
8 We transfer your money from the sale within 7 working days

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