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We are Ireland’s first sustainable classified ads website where you can sell or rent clothing online. Just send us your items and we'll do it for you. It's simple. Get started today and start getting paid!

The Idea

The idea for Buy or Borrow simply came from moving out from the big apartment into a small double room with bags of Stuff that I couldn't let go. I had bags of clothes of ''too small, too big or still with the labels'' on top of my day to day stuff. As Soon as I moved in I realised, I needed drills to hang my TV and my big picture on the wall that followed me from one house to another. And that's when I realised that a website like Buy or Borrow would help so may people just like myself in day to day situations. Borrow or Buy my Clothes: For women, men and Kids. Occasional, night out, casual, communion or wedding outfits followed by Accessories and shoes.

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